RAS – FRN60 室內高級空氣殺菌凈化機 (Indoor Advanced Sterilizing Purifier)

SNE® RAS – FRN60 經典室內高級空氣殺菌凈化機
SNE® RAS – FRN60 Indoor Advanced Sterilizing Purifier Classic

  • 採用MCI™ 技術- 低濃度生物臭氧,直接分解空氣中氧氣無需放電 + 光觸媒 + 紫外線(UVC) + HEPA過濾網 + 羥基 + 過氧化氫 + 超氧離子 + 負離子 + 高級氧化等,99.9%多功能有效殺菌消毒(包括新冠病毒),去除病毒,微生物,VOC,除臭和化學污染等
  • 采用先進消毒殺菌去臭空氣凈化空氣技術,并非市場上普通塑料外殼 + 過濾網之簡單設計,不定期更換會成為污染源
  • 動態空氣殺毒滅菌淨化不影響室內人員工作和生活,無需定期更換過濾網成本低廉
  • 不但能夠在室內高效殺滅細菌病毒,而且除臭功能強大可廣泛用于各類吸和會議煙室,可作為專業除煙味機使用
  • 雙重淨化腔設計,淨化速度快效率高,遙控手動雙重控制,無需安裝即插即用,安全可靠
  • 去除各類惡臭PM2.5等懸浮粒子,大幅改善空氣質素,并且散發大量負離子清新室內空氣
  • 可固定,便攜, 壁掛式安裝, 或放置櫃子,桌上使用等,具有多種選擇靈活方便
  • 全金屬不銹鋼噴塑結構,工業化特殊設計,堅固耐用零件可更換無需保養,無需經常更換濾網
  • 使用德國生產部件,產品使用壽命超18,000小時全世界最長,并有可更換部件提供,產品非人為損壞免費更換
  • 本司并非一般代理商不但擁有自主品牌,而且多年來成為香港唯一,長期出口歐洲之空氣凈化消毒殺菌出售專業產品
  • 擁有獨家主動攻擊系統,對空氣中的病毒細菌進行消毒殺菌除臭,并非市場上常見的被動吸入式凈化器。
  • 產品保證客戶可以在安裝相關設備后,15分鐘內親身感受到空氣素質有明顯變化
  • MCI technology–Low concentrate Bio-Ozone, directly decompose oxygen from the air without discharge + Photocatalysis + UVC + AOT + Negative Oxygen Ions + HEPA Filter + Hydroxy + Hydro-peroxide + Super Oxide Ions, multiple-functions which 99.9% (includingCovid-19) effectively kills Bacteria, Virus, Micro-organism, VOC, Chemical pollutions, Eliminating Odors and so on
  • Using advanced sterilization and disinfection technology, not same as normal mono-function purifiers in the market, which only have simple filters, which need change frequently, if not will be pollution sources
  • Not only killing bacteria and virus, but also strongly removing all odors that can be applied in Smoking or Meeting Room
  • Dynamic air purification doesn’t affect people work and live indoor, no need to change filters frequently and saving big cost 
  • Double purification chambers design, with high purification speed and efficiency, remote control provided, no installation 
  • Remove all kinds of odors and suspended particles such as PM2.5, greatly improve air quality with large amount negative oxygen ions and fresh the air indoor obviously 
  • Can be applied with wide options, Portably, Wall mounted, Placed cabinet or Table use, Flexible and Convenient
  • Stainless Steel with spray plastic, Very solid and durable, Industrialization Unique Design,  Parts changeable, No maintenance required, No need to change filter often
  • Germany made parts, Service life is the longest in the world – over 18,000 hour with outstanding quality
  • It also has free replacement if no human caused errors
  • Not a general agent, our company has its own brand, but also has been the only one in Hong Kong for many years to sell professional products for air purification, disinfection and sterilization exported to Europe.
  • Our product is the only one in the market that customer can sense the indoor air quality has been improving within 15 minutes after installation
  • It has an exclusive active attacking system, which disinfects and deodorizes viruses and bacteria in the air, and is not a common passive inhalation purifier on the market.



(This series of products of our company have been patented in China and Hong Kong as early as 2003. If there are counterfeit products that are similar in name, appearance, design, function, etc., our company reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities. Wish customers should be careful not to Buy cheap price counterfeit products in the market with poor quality)

RAS-60FRN Data Sheet

Name: 名稱


Bio-Ozone Output: 臭氧輸出

Max. < 0.04ppm (Enhanced Model: Max < 0.05ppm) (最大小于0.04ppm,加強型最大小于0.05ppm)

Ion Generation: 氧分子輸出

Passive negative ions (負氧離子)

Purifying Area:凈化范圍

10-60 m2  (Height=3m) (10-60 平方米,高度=3米)

Control Mode: 控制方式

Manual & Remote Control (On/Off) (手動 + 遙控)

Display Indicator: 顯示燈指示

Red LED Indicator: Power Supply – On or Off (紅色指示燈:電源 開/關)

Blue LED Indicator: Two UV lamps in working (藍色指示燈:工作狀態)

Fan Volume: 風扇體積

2 X 75 m3/h (2 x 75立方米/小時)

Weight: 重量

4.5 Kg (4.5 公斤)

UV Power: 紫外線能量

2 x 10,000 μw/cm3

Dimensions: 尺寸

430 (L) X 220(W) X 120 (H) mm.  Handle : 250mm 

(長 430mm x 寬 220 毫米 x 深 120 毫米  手柄:250 毫米)

Materials: 物料

Metal Fuselage with Spray Plastic (全金屬結構表面噴塑)

Electrical: 電源

AC/220V/50Hz. <50W. Fuse: 2A

Installation: 裝配

Portable, Wall-Mounting and Desktop (臺式,掛墻,移動)

Type: 型號

Standard & Enhanced 2 types (appoint before order) (可指定標準型和加強型不同型號)

SNE®RAS 室內高級空氣殺菌凈化機
除在中國大陸大量應用外,並在港澳銷售多年出口歐洲, 廣受客戶好評
SNE® RAS – FRN60 Indoor Advanced Air Sterilization Purifier  had a large number of applications in mainland China,  Hong Kong, Macao and Europe Countries, with highly praised by customers