PBO – 60FA 可編程設計殺菌除臭凈化系統 (Programmable Bacteria & Odor Elimination System)

SNE® PBO – 60FA 可編程設計殺菌除臭凈化系統

SNE® RAS – FRN60 Programmable Bacteria Killing & Odor Elimination System

PBO可編程設計殺菌消毒滅病毒(包括新冠病毒),強力除臭系統運用MCI技術- 低濃度生物臭氧,直接分解空氣中氧氣無需放電 + 光觸媒 + 紫外線(UVC) + 羥基 + 過濾網 + 負離子 + 過氧化氫 + 超氧離子 + 高級氧化等綜合多功能,適用於需要嚴格殺菌消毐,除極端惡臭的場合,人類無法長時間暴露的空間。本機採用自動化可編程設計,能按污染狀況自動設計程序。淨化系統能自行動啟或停止,以高中低淨化方式,并對淨化時間作對應處理,從而使污染在最佳有效控制下清除,節能環保大幅延長工作壽命減少成本。德國產部件使用壽命超過18,000小時全世界最長,并有配件供應以供更換。產品2年內非認為損壞可免費更換。

PBO programmable sterilization, disinfection and deodorization system, using MCI technology–Low concentrate Bio- Ozone (directly decompose oxygen from the air without discharge, harmless to human and animals ) + Photocatalysis + UVC + AOT + Negative Oxygen Ions + Hydroxy + Hydro-peroxide + Super Oxide Ions + Filter, killing all bacteria and germs (including Covid-19), which is suitable for the occasions that need strict sterilization, purification, deodorization elimination and not suitable for people  exposing long time. This machine adopts automatic and programmable design, and can set program automatically according to pollution conditions.

The operating system can automatically run or stop, in the way of high, medium and low purification levels, and make corresponding treatment for the purification time. The pollution can be removed under the best circumstance of effective control, energy saving and environmental protection, which can greatly extend service life of equipment and saving operation cost. Germany Parts, Service life over 18,000 hours, which is the longest in the world, with changeable parts. It also has free replacement within 2 years if no human caused errors.

SNE® PBO-60FA 數據
SNE® PBO-60FA Data Sheet


Model: 型號


Purification Area: 凈化范圍

20-60m² (Standard Model: 20-40 m², Enhancer Model: 40-60m²)

(標準型:20-60平方米 ,加強型:40-60平方米)

Control: 控制

Man/Auto (手動/自動)

Power: 電源

On/Off, On-Red-LED 開/關 紅色指示燈-開

Purification: 凈化

L/M/H:  Purifying Level (Selective) 凈化程度-高中低 (可選擇)

L/M Indicators: Blue-LED 藍色指示燈(中/低)

Auto/Man: 控制

Man – Manual Operation (手動)

Auto -Automatic Operation by Program (全自動)

Air Flow: 風量

2 X 300 m³/hr (2X300 立方米/小時)

Bio-OLevel: 生物臭氧


Size/Weight: 尺寸/重量

Size: 800 X 280 X 230 (H) mm (毫米)

Weight:14Kgs (重量:14 公斤)

Voltage: 電壓

AC/220V/50HZ ±10%, <150W

Installation: 安裝

Wall-mounted or Pendant install (掛墻/吊頂)

PBO Series: 系列

PBO-60FA Standard or Enhancer Models (標準/加強)

Usually, Model-Standard Preferred (通常選擇標準型號)

Serious pollution, pls discuss details with SNE (污染嚴重,請先商談)


測試報告 (Certifications)

應用實例 (Application Cases)


南寧高鐵交通樞紐,海龍華醫院, 以及大陸數十家食品加工廠,華北某火車站等都采用本機進行殺菌除臭

Venetian Macao Hotel,MGM Hotel,Macau University of science and technology hospital,Macao Melco international, Galaxy Entertainment Group……

The PBO model was used in Nanning high speed railway transportation hub, Shanghai Long-hua Hospital, dozens of food processing plants in mainland China and  railway station in North China, for sterilization and deodorization solutions 

SNE® PBO-60FA現場安裝照片 (Site Pictures)