SNE®MAP-60H 無葉風扇型多功能空氣凈化殺菌機
SNE®MAP-60H Leafless Multifunctional Air Fan Sterilizing Purifier

MAP-60H採用SNE®自主研發的MCITM專利技術,具多重光催化氧化-PCO功能,並配有納米過濾網,本機能夠有效殺滅細菌病毒,清除VOC等化學性污染,PM2.5-10懸浮物90%以上,還能清除煙臭味異味,大幅提高空氣中負離子含量,明顯改善室內空氣質素IAQ;99.9%多功能高效殺菌消毒(包括新冠病毒). MAP的紫外線UVC管由著名德國製造商特約訂制,品質高使用壽命長(18,000 小時)。

MAP可預防和降低通過空氣傳播的COVID-19冠狀病毒和呼吸道感染疾病, 還有各類交叉感染的風險。MAP風機無葉,無震動,無抖動, 採用無級變速無刷電機。MAP設有LED燈光控制,具有8種照明彩色顯示及多種彩色變換模式。營造室內溫馨美好氣氛,享受清新,明亮,健康,舒適的清潔安全空氣環境。

MAP-60H adopts SNE® self-owned MCI patented technology, with multiple photocatalytic oxidation-PCO functions, and is equipped with a Nano-filter. This machine can effectively kill bacteria and viruses and remove chemical pollution such as VOC, PM2.5-10 and more than 90% of suspended solids.  The multiple-functions which 99.9% effectively kills Bacteria, Virus(including Covid-19). It can also remove the smoke and all kinds of odors, which greatly increase the amount of negative ions in the air. This can significantly improve the indoor air quality IAQ. MAP’s ultraviolet UVC tube is specially customized by a famous German manufacturer with high quality and long service life(18,000 hours);

MAP can prevent and reduce the risk of catching COVID-19 coronavirus, respiratory infections spread through the air and various cross-infections. MAP fan has no blades, no vibration, no jitter, which adopts variable speed and brushless motor. MAP is equipped with LED light control which has 8 lighting color display and multiple color conversion modes. Creating a warm and beautiful indoor atmosphere, making people indoor enjoy a fresh, bright, healthy, comfortable and clean air environment with safety.

主要特性 Feathers:                                         

  • 光催化 + 紫外線(UVC) + 納米過濾網。本機是動態型多功能空氣淨化器,運行時不影響室內人員的工作和生活:
  • 本機具有空氣殺菌消毒機,無葉風扇,臺燈,夜燈,幻彩等多種功能,一機多用無分四季;
  • MAP可預防和降低空氣傳播的COVID-19冠狀病毒,呼吸道感染疾病交叉感染風險;
  • 室內空氣經濾網過濾後,催化殺菌凈化系統運行,潔淨的空氣可110o廣角旋轉至室內,剩餘的光催化氧化離子也輸入室內,繼續發揮殺菌淨化功能,並分解還原無化學殘留和二次污染。如此不斷往復循環,使室內污染快速清除;
  • MAP風機系無葉片,無震動,無抖動,無級變速,無刷電機;
  • 風機為混流式葉輪,可持續加速氣流達15m範圍,且風機可搖擺旋轉,並擴大氣流放射口;使室內空氣淨化得更快更均勻,有自然風的效果;
  • 面板設有開機/關機,旋轉,無級變速,電源啟動和光催化PCO運行等顯示;
  • 設有遙控器,操作簡易更方便;
  • 家庭,客廳,酒店客房,美容店,酒吧,咖啡屋,休息室等,任何有空氣汚染異臭味等,需要室内空气消毒净化场的區域。


  • Photocatalysis + UVC + Nano Filter . This machine is a dynamic multifunctional air purifier, which does not affect People’s work and life indoor ;
  • This machine has multiple functions such as Air sterilization and disinfection machine, Leafless fan, Table lamp, Night and Symphony lights, with multi-functions can be used for any season;
  • MAP can prevent and reduce risks of catching airborne COVID-19 coronavirus, respiratory infections and cross-infection;
  • After the indoor air is filtered during operation, the photocatalytic sterilization and purification system is running, and the clean air can be rotated at a wide angle of 110 degree. In the room, the remaining photocatalytic oxidation ions are also input into the room, continue to play the function of sterilization and purification, and decompose and reduce without chemical residues and secondary pollution. Such continuous reciprocating cycle can quickly remove indoor pollution;
  • MAP fan system has no blades, vibration and jitter, running with speed change brushless motor;
  • The fan is a mixed-flow impeller, which can continuously accelerate the airflow to a range of 15m, and the fan can swing and rotate, and expand the airflow radiation port; make indoor air purification faster, and have the effect of natural wind;
  • The panel is equipped with buttons, such as Start/stop, Rotation, Speed change, Power start, and Photocatalytic PCO operation display;
  • Equipped with remote control is more convenient.
  • Family, living room, hotel room, toilet, rest room, beauty shop, bar, coffee Shop, lounge and any Indoor Areas where have air pollution problems need do sterilization, purification and odor removing.

主要参數 (Feathers)

處理面積 Area

10-60m2, (Height=3m)

技術 Technology

SNE® MCITM – PCO多重光催化氧化技術 + 納米過濾網 + 負離子

(SNE® MCITM-PCO Multiple Photocatalytic Oxidation technology + Nano Filter + Pure Anion)

負離子 Anion 

純態負離子 (Pure Anion)

控制 Control

控制:手動/遥控 (Manual/Remote Control)

顯示 Display

電源開: 紅色指示燈亮,藍色LED亮,UVC & PCO工作 

(Red indicator light is on & Blue LED is on: UVC & PCO work)

噪聲 Noise


輸出風量 Output Airflow

0-516m3/h,無級變速 (infinitely variable)

過濾網 Filter

納米過濾網 (Nano Filter)

尺寸 Size

32.5 x 27 x 50.5mm/ 裝箱尺寸 (Packing Size Box)

重量 Weight

3.6Kgs/淨重 (Net Weight)

材質 Material


電源 AC

DC/24V,適配器 (Adaptor), AC-DC 220V/50Hz,<50W Fuse:2A

功率 Power



SNE®MAP-60H 無葉風扇型多功能空氣凈化殺菌機圖片
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